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Portrait and Grad Packages
Graduation Photos

Whoop Whoop! You're done with school! Now all you need is tofigure out what to do now and get some great grad photos...  I can help with at least one of those! And I want to make sure they really suit you! So we'll sit down and come up with a vibe that really gets you!

- 1 Location
- 5 setups
- 50-70 images


Lets keep it simple...
You need a new profile picture. Or maybe a headshot for that acting portfolio. Any way youy slice it. You need to look uber employable. And I can help!

- 1 location
- 3 setups
- 10-20 Images

Graduation Photos +

Ok you really want somthing special! you are PUMPED to be done with school and want to makes sure thease photos are out of this world. Well I'm all for it. Lets get togather and hatch a plan to blow all those other grad photos out of the park!

- 2 Location
- 12 setups
- 100-150 images

Don't see a package that fits your vision? Just reach out! I'd be happy to work with you to build your own custom package!

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