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The Date

The Date is a passion project of mine I was given the opportunity to make while interning at a film studio in Chicago.

2023 Student of the year

This is a now yearly video I put together for the Forsyth county CTAE program highlighting their best students of the year. Its always a blast to record and the kids I get to interview are all so delightful to speak with.

Slater Wedding

Here's a wedding I did in December of 2022. It was a beautiful wedding and I was so happy to be able to capture and edit it for this couple.

The Mask

I consider this to be my first "real" short film. I made it my freshman year of high school with a group of friends. We called ourselves Pyro Productions and made a few films during HS were all very proud of

NFHS Highlight videos

This is one of a series of 20 Highlight videos I was contracted to produce for my highschool. While I'm not a big football fan, this was a great opportunity to shape my craft and get better at this style of editing.


This was another film I co-directed in HS. We decided to tackle a more serious topic and I think we hit a nice balance between story and feels.

True Facts About Gingers

This is a comedy skit my brother and I did during the height of the pandemic. Not much to say about it. Just a whole lot of fun.

Ryan's Hunt for the Easter Bunny

This was a project I did during my sophomore year of HS. This was a definite session in not giving up on a project and leaning into the flaws. At first, we intended it to be fairly serious but as more and more went wrong during production we decided to lean into the campiness.

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